Mortgage Calculators

Feel free to use our selection of mortgage and home loan calculators to help you plan your future. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to call. 

Borrowing Power

Your borrowing power is a critical number to know because it helps you understand how much you can spend on a property. 

Loan Repayment Calculator

There are several factors that determine what your repayments will be and our loan repayment calculator can help simplify this.

Stamp Duty Calculator

The stamp duty calculator works out the land transfer duty (often referred to as stamp duty) that applies when you buy a property.

Split Loan Calculator

The split loan calculator will determine your required repayments and total interest charged under different fixed and variable rate scenarios.

Changing Home Loan Calculator

The changing home loan calculator works out the difference between your current home loan repayments and how much you could save on your new repayments.