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Do you know that banks and lenders look at your credit history when you apply for any form of credit? And that your credit report can determine if your application is approved or declined? 

If you want to know what is on your credit history, and what the banks know about you, read on..

Most Aussies have never checked their own reports, so you’re not alone – yet this information is primarily what a lender will use when deciding to approve or decline your application for credit. If you don’t know what is on your report, you won’t know how to improve your chances of getting the loan you want to buy your house, car or boat, or to get that credit card.

Knowing what is on your credit report, understanding it, and being aware of how to improve it, is vital.

These workshops will give you the confidence to make better financial choices on a daily basis, lower stress, and improve your chances of approval for future credit applications.

You can find out what information the banks and credit agencies have about you and fix any errors on your file – and how to do it all for free. There are many small things that the banks don’t tell you about – and they all impact your credit history and ability to obtain credit.

Book a workshop (via the form below) to learn:

  • What information the banks and credit reporting agencies have about you
  • How to fix errors on your report (they’re more common than you think)
  • All the little things that impact your credit report that no one tells you about
  • The dangerous differences between Zip Pay and After Pay – which one to avoid
  • How to improve your credit history and reports to obtain the loans you want in future

Before the workshop, it’s best if you order your two free credit reports and bring them along.

You will get more from the workshop if you have both of your own reports to ask questions about and understand what the information means. Links to get your free reports will be provided when you book a workshop.

Both credit reporting bodies record information from different lenders on your credit reports, so it’s best if you order both reports to get a full picture of your credit history.

Belinda Jane

Mortgage and Finance Broker, Empire Home Loans

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